Citizen Charter

The role of the DP&AR can be conceptually divided into two parts. In its larger nodal role, it acts as the formulator of policy and the watch dog of the Government ensuring that certain accepted standards and norms, as laid down by it, are followed by all Departments in the recruitment, regulation of service conditions and deputation of personnel as well as other related issues.

This Department is also concerned with the process of responsive and people oriented administration. While realizing its concern, this department intends to formulate Citizen’s Charter with the objective to serve its client efficiently. The charter is based on the premise that citizen is the prime objective and government organizations exists not to rule, but to serve the citizens.

This Department does not normally deal directly with the citizen. The major part of the service being delivered by this Department is for the government agencies, public sector undertakings or for the government employees.

DP&AR has identified some of the core services being offered by its various Wings for the purpose in its first charter being prepared. The charter contains Grievance Redress Mechanism related to the services mentioned in the Citizen’s Charter.