Civil service wing:-
Sl. No Name &Designation Phone Number Address
1. Lalrinsanga, Under Secretary 9436142335 Maubawk
2. Lalrinpuii, Superintendent 9612156934 Sect. Complex
3. Lalremruati, Assistant 9863371154 Zarkawt
4. Lalnunmawia Hnamte, Assistant 9612495168 Republic Veng
5. F. Laltanpuii, Assistant 9436193131 College Veng
6. Lalramdini, Assistant 9612901393 Venghlui
7. Joseph Lalbiakzauva Fanai, Asst 9862148076 Mission Veng
8. Lalhmachhuana, UDC 9436195963 College Veng
9. Lalramliani, LDC 9862364746 Mission Veng
10. J.C Vanlalhriati, LDC 9862610830 Chawnpui
11. Euniki M.S.Dawngliani, DEO 9862598083 Bungkawn
12. Lalhmingpuii, Peon 9862792421 Bungkawn
13. Lalchhandama, Peon 8413062893 Tuikual
14. Lalnghakliana, Peon 9862045756 Khatla South

  • All matters relating to All India Services, MCS and Heads of Departments.
  • Periodical Cadre Review of above.
  • Custody of ACRs of Civil Service Officers and Heads of Departments including MCS Officers.
  • Deputation matters of All India Services and Central Services and MJS.
  • Allocation of Departments to Secretaries to the Government of Mizoram.

For any grievance relating to services delivered by the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (DP&AR). Citizens / stakeholders may lodge their grievance in written by post / fax to:

Mrs. C. Zothankhumi
Joint Secretary,
Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms.
Room No. 325, 2nd Floor, New Secretariat Complex, Khatla,

Tel. : 0389-2328486
Fax : 0389-2328486

Grievance may also be lodged through internet at